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Building a Community that Publicly Supports Survivors of Sexual Trauma

you are a powerful agent for change  


When Dr. Christine Blasey Ford stood in front of the Supreme Court Judiciary Committee, giving her courageous and confident testimony recounting sexual assault, a fire was ignited in the hearts of people around the world.

SHOW YOUR COURAGE was created by three individuals inspired to dig deep within – to find the courage to act on our beliefs, and to give voice to our own power. The mission was simple – we must not let the momentum fade. We wanted to find a way to create a community of people supporting one another visibly and publicly.

The ‘I Believe Her’ scarf is a reminder to victims that: they are not alone, they are supported, and most importantly, THEY ARE BELIEVED.

we are not powerless

together we can make a difference

Simply put, we can change the world…and we must


I believe her’ scarf

The mission of Show Your Courage is a lofty one: To remind survivors of sexual assault that they are not alone; that they have support; and most importantly – that they are believed. The husband and wife team of Interior Designers reached out to a local Textile Designer that they had worked with in the past. This trio of creatives worked together to come up with a design that could be worn proudly by both survivors and supporters, regardless of gender.

The resultant scarves and pocket squares were designed to be: a tool for activism and representation; an extra boost of courage when a challenging day lies ahead; and a way to signify a safe space where survivors can find a listening ear and caring heart.

Wearing the scarf is a purposeful act and signifies, at the most basic and human level, compassion. Compassion for Dr. Blasey Ford and for all the people who have been victimized and impacted by sexual violence. The design is clear in its message - believe her story. Show Your Courage will donate a portion of the proceeds to organizations that promote healing for survivors and education for prevention. The textiles are printed in the USA. Each order is processed, packed and shipped in California.


December 14, 2018 Issue

December 14, 2018 Issue

December 14, 2018 Issue

December 14, 2018 Issue

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