I am Just Me Linen Scarf

I am Just Me Linen Scarf


We carry our labels – that society has given us or we give ourselves – as irrevocable truths. How we identify ourselves is a choice we can make. Keep the labels you like. Let go of the ones you don’t because labels do not define you. YOU DEFINE YOU!

This linen scarf was developed in creative collaboration with UnleaSHE as a physical representation of their ongoing photo campaign. It’s a tangible reminder to let go of labels that no longer serve us and choose to identify ourselves with words that ring true to our authentic selves, words that truly reflect the greatness that lives within us all.

Show Your Courage will donate a portion of the proceeds directly to the Unleashe You Campaign that benefits Boo2Bullying. This nonprofit has a mission to eradicate bullying, intolerance and discrimination by educating schools and parents about accepting diversity.

*Hand wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry. Iron with low heat.

Because the smudging technique requires special care, each scarf will be one of a kind. No two scarves will be alike, just as no two people are alike. We’re celebrating what makes us unique!

Product images and descriptions are as accurate as possible, however, due to the handmade nature of each product slight variations may occur from time to time.

First shipment delivered June 2019!

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